• - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • - Repetitive Strain Injuries

  • - Bursitis

  • - Limited joint movement

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tend provides an extremely effective addition to traditional pain relief in the form of Direct Vibration Therapy. 

I’m an avid pianist and as a result have really sore carpal tunnel syndrome. My physio was part of the Tend trial. We used it together at his practice and it immediately improved my movement a eased the pain. We
used it again in the following three sessions at which point I wanted one to have at home.
The team at Tend gladly sorted me out. Thank you
- Zoe A

  • How does it work?

    Our product lightly massages affected areas, alleviates pain and frees up movement. The pointed tip
    allows you to target even the deepest and tightest of spots. Try it as a complete alternative or as a
    complement to traditional treatments.

  • When to use Tend?

    Tend is best used on a daily basis when you wake up - with extra sessions throughout the day as
    required to ease any pain, free up movement and allow you to live life to the full again.

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I find the Tend extremely convenient to use and am able to pinpoint the exact area of pain - for me
that is primarily my thumb joint but I have also used it on my neck and shoulder. It is very user
friendly and tactile. Its sustainability in its manufacture is also a strong point for me. Nice product.
- Val S

Hats off to the designers of Tend. Really good use of materials and is very easy to hold. Can really
target where the pain is. Had tried to use a massage gun before but could not get into the tendons
next to the bone without pain. Tend allows me to pinpoint the vibrations just where I need them.
- Max T