About Us

Tend is a UK-based recovery brand aimed towards health and wellness to help you move better.  

Will Ranscombe, the Founder and CEO of Tend, is an avid skier and cyclist with the same issues many active outdoor lovers feel over the years: knee issues and body and tendon pain. While searching in the health and wellness recovery market, Will realized the lack of options for a product that could target multiple areas of the body to provide relief, especially overworked tendons. Most products were intended for a specific tendon, large muscle group or body part, were bulky, expensive or couldn’t provide an at-home relief aid. With the help of award-winning industrial designer Rob Scott, they created, Tend Deep to solve those problems and provide an easy-to-use recovery aid for people, specifically with tendinopathy and tendon pain.

We are so excited to bring Tend Deep to life and thank you for joining us on this journey and hope Tend Deep can help you as much as it has helped us.