• - Perfect for osteoarthritis

  • - Works on all body parts

tend provides an extremely effective addition to traditional pain relief in the form of Direct Vibration Therapy. 

I have suffered from osteo-arthritis in my fingers for the last ten years.For the past year, I have been using Tend  on my affected joints, about ten minutes on each of the three bad fingers daily. I apply the vibrator from the top to the bottom joints working around the whole finger. Some are quite painful when vibrated, but this soon passes as I move around.This has improved the flexibility of the joints and reduced the pain. It means that it is far easier for me to follow my main hobby of gardening
– Nick H.

  • How does it work?

    Our product lightly massages affected areas, alleviates pain and frees up movement. The pointed tip
    allows you to target even the deepest pain and tightest of spots. Try it as a complete alternative or
    as a complement to traditional treatments for sports injuries.

  • When to use Tend?

    Tend is best used on a daily basis with an extra session recommended before any game or workout to ease any pain, free up movement and allow you to achieve your potential.

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Using Tend has quite honestly changed my life.My physio recommended I try Tend to help ease the pain of Arthritis and improve movement. Immediately I felt the pain start to go away and movement became easier.Its small and easy to use so I take it with me everywhere and use it whenever things get a bit sore
– Virgina R.

Hats off to the designers of Tend. Really good use of materials and is very easy to hold. Can really
target where the pain is. Had tried to use a massage gun before but could not get into the tendons
next to the bone without pain. Tend allows me to pinpoint the vibrations just where I need them.
- Max T